Free Ada Compilers and Tools

A# - Ada for .NET
A# is a port of Ada to the Microsoft .NET Platform. A# is freely distributed under the terms of the GNU general public license.

GNAT is a complete Ada95 compilation system, maintained and distributed under the Gnu Public Licence by Ada Core Technologies and available for Solaris, Linux and Windows 95/98/2000.

ez2load kit
An easy-install kit of free Ada 95 compilers and editors, and a shareware tutorial for Ada 95. Includes GNAT (GNU Ada 95 Compilation System) for DOS, an Ada 95 compiler that runs under djgpp (GCC for DOS) and provides a complete implementation of Ada 95. (Note: this is a link to an FTP mirror site. The software is no longer maintained.)

AdaGOOP is the Ada Generator of Object-Oriented Parsers. Using AdaGOOP, you can easily generate a parser which builds an object-oriented parse tree. (requires GNAT compiler)

AdaGIDE is the Ada GNAT Integrated Development Environment for Windows 95/NT. It consists of an editor that interfaces to the GNAT Ada compilers