Free Android Programming Resources

Android Forum
This forum at the Java Ranch appears to be quite active in the discussion of issues related to Android programming.

Android Programming Tutorials
A series of tutorials on Android programming. Since each section includes exercises and exercise solutions, this can also be viewed as a self-paced Android training course.

Android Application Development
This is a series of free online android video tutorials and lectures covering installing the Android development tools on various platforms, as well as 12 free lectures on Android phone programming.

Kindle Fire Development Essentials
The goal of this book is to teach the skills necessary to develop Android based applications for the Kindle Fire family of devices.

Android 4 App Development Essentials
Free Android programming book online.

Building Your First App
This class teaches you how to build your first Android app. Learn how to create an Android project and run a debuggable version of the app. Includes links to downloading the Android SDK and the ADT plugin for Eclipse.

Learn Java for Android Development
A 13-part Java Tutorial with an emphasis on Android SDK development.

The Beginner's Guide to Android
A short article about Android and getting started with programming for it, including links to various resources.

AIDE - Android IDE - Java, C++
AIDE is an integrated development environment (IDE) for developing real Android Apps directly on Android devices. It is an app for making apps in other words.

Android SQLite database and content provider - tutorial
Using the Android SQLite Database

Android NDK
The NDK is a toolset that allows you to implement parts of your app using native-code languages such as C and C++. For certain types of apps, this can be helpful so you can reuse existing code libraries written in these languages.

Maqetta is an open source project that provides WYSIWYG visual authoring of HTML5 user interfaces. The Maqetta application itself is authored in HTML, and therefore runs in the browser without requiring additional plugins or downloads. You can run it remotely or download it and run it locally. Allows creation of interfaces for mobile devices. (You need to register with a valid email.)

Java vs. Android APIs
Google’s mobile phone platform, Android, supports a relatively large subset of the Java Standard Edition 5.0 library. Some things were left out because they simply didn’t make sense (like printing), and others because better APIs are available that are specific to Android (like user interfaces). This article lists what is and is not included.

NetBeans IDE 7.4
Now offers support for hybrid HTML5 application development on the Android and iOS platforms.

Ruboto is a framework and tool chain to develop native Android apps, using the Ruby language, Ruboto depends on JRuby, which is a Java implementation of the Ruby programming language.

A cross-platform application framework, Qt is available under GPL v3, LGPL v2 and a commercial license. Now supports Symbian, Android and BB10.

Simple DirectMedia Layer
Simple DirectMedia Layer is a cross-platform multimedia library designed to provide low level access to audio, keyboard, mouse, joystick, 3D hardware via OpenGL, and 2D video framebuffer. It is used by MPEG playback software, emulators, and many popular games. SDL officially supports Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, and Android.