Free Security and Antivirus Sites

This site offers independent comparatives of Anti-Virus software.

Security Now
Steve Gibson from Shields Up! and Leo Laporte from TechTV take 20 to 30 minutes near the end of each week to discuss important issues of personal computer security (podcast and weekly security column).

Features virus alerts, hoax alerts and security bulletins as well as how-tos such as Wireless Security Basics.

Help forums, freeware anti virus tools and removal instructions for over 1000 different trojans. The site has heaps of information on removing trojans and protecting your computer from hackers.

Shields Up!
This site will probe some of the most commonly exploited ports on your machine to see if you are vulnerable.

Security Developer Center
Microsoft's main MSDN security site for software developers.

Microsoft Security and Privacy Site
The main MS site for home users with bulletins and such.

Windows Update Site
Scan your MS operating system to check for critical and non-critical updates.

The WildList Organization International
The WildList is just what it sounds like: a list of viruses that are out in the real world. There are also papers and other resources.

Internet Storm Center
Internet Storm Center is a free service to the Internet community that gathers more than 3,000,000 intrusion detection log entries every day to create a sort of "weather report" on activity. Also contains many useful papers.

SANS InfoSec Reading Room
Featuring over 1193 orginal computer security white papers in 70 different categories. You must have a working PDF viewer installed to access the papers.

Extensive security resources including articles, tutorials and the ability to browse the latest Microsoft security bulletins, patches and SPs for any MS product.

McAfee Threat Center
You can search the threat library, look up IP addresses or domain names, search by malware or vulnerability.

Network security articles and hacking prevention resources for the government and general public including tutorials and a forum.

Computerworld Security Knowledge Center
Extensive security resources.

Home Network Security
"This document gives home users an overview of the security risks and countermeasures associated with Internet connectivity, especially in the context of ?always-on? or broadband access services (such as cable modems and DSL). However, much of the content is also relevant to traditional dial-up users (users who connect to the Internet using a modem)."

Home Computer Security
Pretty basic stuff about installing and using anti-virus programs and firewalls etc.