Free C# Tutorials

The C# Tutorial @ C# Station
This set of lessons teaches the basics of the C# programming language. They are appropriate for beginning programmers and developers who are experienced in other languages and would like a quick overview of C# programming

C# Tutorial
The C-Sharp Tutorial at tutorialspoint.com covers the basics including syntax, program structure, loops, types etc. Also covers classes, inheritance, polymorphism, namespaces and exception handling. There is also an advanced section for topics like events, collections and multi-threading.

C# Tutorials
There are a number of C-sharp tutorials at this Microsoft site, which are separated into beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Free Video C# Tutorial
This is a playlist of 85 videos about learning the C# language.

C# Programming Course
These are the full slides and notes for a 5 day instructor led course on C# Programming.

Threading in C#
A five-part C# threading tutorial that can be downloaded as a pdf book.

C# Tutorial
This 2-part tutorial was given at the Microsoft .NET Crash Course in Cambridge on March 25-28, 2002.

C# Tutorial For Beginners
A very basic C# tutorial that can be downloaded.

C# in Detail
Two downloadable C# presentations in .zip format that expand to html presentations.

The Advanced C#/.NET Tutorial
Advanced C# tutorials with sample source code that can be downloaded.