Free C/C++ Source Code

CIS 71: Some Simple C Programs
These are basic programs for school exercises, from an introductory course in C from the Fall of 2010.

Planet Source Code
1,361,752. lines of C/ C++ code, arranged into categories and with filters for beginner, advanced, etc.

C++ Source Codes
652 C and C++ source code examples. It appears they are distributed under the GNU LGPL license.

Free C/C++ projects with source code.

Bob Stout's SNIPPETS
General-purpose header files, miscellaneous C-callable functions, portable file operations, assorted math functions - I'd need three pages just to describe all the free source code and you can view it or download it as a ZIP or TAR file.

C++ Nugget Mine
A collection of succinct C++ code examples.

Mozilla Source Code
The complete C/C++ source code for the Mozilla open source web browser. You can browse the up-to-the-minute latest version of the source code online and find instructions on building the latest version.

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