Free General .Net Resources

.NET Book Zero
This free on-line 267-page book is an introduction to C# and the Microsoft .NET Framework for programmers who have experience with C or C++. It was published in 2007 and is downloadable in PDF form with example source in a zip.

Dot Net Basics Video Tutorial
This is a series of seven videos about the basics of how a program executes in Dot Net. There are also links to playlists for csharp, asp.net, ado.net, mvc and sql server video tutorials.

MSDN .NET Framework Developer Center
Microsoft's MSDN site for the .NET framework. Begins with fundamentals and goes up to the 64-bit .net framework. In their words: Explore in-depth technical information and get started building the next generation of applications and Web services using the .NET Framework.

.NET Framework FAQ
The .NET Framework FAQ was first posted in July 2000, and is regularly updated. It covers the fundamentals of the .NET Framework including assemblies, garbage collection, security, interop with COM and remoting. Newcomers to the .NET framework may wish to read the FAQ from top to bottom as a tutorial. More experienced practitioners may prefer to consult the contents list for topics of particular interest.

Overview of ADO.NET
Microsoft's .NET Framework Developer's Guide has a series of articles about the architecture and components of ADO.NET as well as a sample application.

Free .NET Tutorials
They've gone a little heavy on the ads (yeah, yeah I know I have them too) but if you scroll down you will find six .net tutorials that are supposed to be from the book Introducing .NET.

Windows Forms QuickStart Tutorial
The Windows Forms QuickStart is a series of Windows Forms samples and supporting commentary designed to quickly acquaint you with the programming model, architecture, and power of Windows Forms. The QuickStart samples are designed to be short, easy-to-understand illustrations of many of the features of Windows Forms

Overview of .NET Framework Classes
This is a sample chapter at InformtIT. This chapter focuses on those classes that illustrate the key concepts and patterns that appear throughout the .NET Framework.

General .NET articles
This is a large collection of .net articles at the Code Project that is organized into various categories such as ADO, encryption, etc.

Application Interoperability: Microsoft .NET and J2EE
Application Interoperability: Microsoft .NET and J2EE presents interoperability best practices, and illustrates these approaches with a functional sample application. It shows how to link Microsoft .NET and J2EE, using Web services, runtime bridges, and asynchronous techniques.