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Fortran 77 Tutorial
The goal of this Fortran tutorial is to give a quick introduction to the most common features of the Fortran 77 programming language. A companion tutorial introduces the key enhancements found in Fortran 90.

Fortran 90 Tutorial

Fortran 90 for the Fortran 77 Programmer
This tutorial is written in order to ease the transition from the very common and popular programming language Fortran 77 to the more modern Fortran 90.

High Performance Fortran in Practice
High Performance Fortran (HPF) was defined in 1993 to provide a portable syntax for expressing data-parallel computations in Fortran

F90 Course Development
Dig around to find slides and course notes.

Fortran 90 CNL Articles
Language Elements; expressions and assigments Control statements, units and procedures; Arguments, interface blocks and recursion; Pointers etc.

Fortran 90
This course presents an overview of Fortran 90 and explains the features that are new to the language.

Modular Programming with Fortran 90
Comprehensive Fortran resources.

Fortran 90 Tutorial
Fortran 90 Tutorial

FORTRAN 77 Reference