Free HTML5 Resources

HTML5 Tutorial at W3Resource
Introduces the new elements available in HMTL5 and provides examples of their use.

Mozilla Developer Network HTML5 Resources
A thorough overview of the new features in HTML5 with a collection of demos.

Learn HTML5
W3Schools introduction to HTML5 with tutorials and HTML5 example code.

HTML5 & CSS3 Fundamentals: Development for Absolute Beginners
A series of video tutorials on building webpages using HTML5 and CSS3, with an eye for eventually using these techniques for user interfaces for Windows programming. A complete example in HTML5 and CSS3 is built.

HTML5 Tutorial at HTML.net
This starts out with basic html and incluces 26 lessons designed to give you an easy yet thorough introduction of how to make websites in HTML5.

HTML5 tutorial
This tutorial is primarily for people who know nothing or very little about HTML and HTML5. The aim is to give you the skills to create HTML webpages and the necessary background knowledge to know when and how to use HTML5.

Dive Into HTML5
A free online HTML5 book.

HTML5 Tutorial
This looks like a fairly comprehensive site with a tutorial, references and tools for html5. You can also download a quick HTML5 tutorial in PDF format.

HTML5 for Publishers
After a brief tutorial of the HTML markup and JavaScript code in this free html5 book, there are some examples that put HTML5 in action.

Maqetta is an open source project that provides WYSIWYG visual authoring of HTML5 user interfaces. The Maqetta application itself is authored in HTML, and therefore runs in the browser without requiring additional plugins or downloads. You can run it remotely or download it and run it locally. Allows creation of interfaces for mobile devices. (You need to register with a valid email.)

HTML5 Tutorials and Examples
An introduction and comparison with HTML 4 with a number of short examples and tutorials.

How to Make an HTML5 iPhone App
This is a tutorial specifically for iPhones but most of these techniques apply to all phones that have HTML5-capable browsers.

Structural Tags in HTML5
The HTML5 specification has added quite a few interesting and useful tags for structuring your markup. For a majority of everyday uses, these tags will replace many of our typical div entries from our code.

HTML5 Doctor Article Archive
A complete list of all their posts grouped to get you started with HTML5 or to help you understand the specification and specific elements a little more.

Have a Field Day with HTML5 Forms
A look at how to style a beautiful HTML5 form using some advanced CSS and latest CSS3 techniques