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JavaQuestion Bank
In this web site there are around 4000 objective type of Java questions, interview questions,Certification questions and Mock Exam WebSites

Marcus Green mock exam 1
Exam No 1 based on the Objectives for the Sun Java Programmers Exam

Java Programmer Certification Exam And Training
This site contains the equivalent of many hundreds of pages of information to help students of this exam. It includes Mock Exams, tutorials, Frequently Asked Questions, Discussion forums and sample code.

Includes book reviews, forums, examples and a list of mock exams.

Marcus Green exam 2

SCJP Pre-Exam Essentials
Downloadable and printer-friendly versions available.

Exam Simulation Applet
This applet simulates taking the actual Certification Exam

Marcus Green exam 3

This tutorial highlights important concepts that you must know for Sun's JavaTM Certification exam.

Free Java Training and Resources
This site is designed to be a resource for help in preparing for the Sun Java Certifications

Java SE Online Documentation
Search page for V 1.3

Layout Demo Applet
This applet shows the effect of changing the layout manager on an applet

GridBagLayout Demo Applet
This applets illustrates effect of changing the pad values of components positioned by the GridBagLayout manager.

Programmer Exam Topics

Exam Simulation
This applet simulates the environment of the Java Programmer Certification Exam.

BitShifting Demo Applet
A Demonstration of BitShifting.

Java Platform Standard Edition 7 Documentation
JDK Documentation and API Documentation downloads.