Free JDBC Resources

Trail: JDBC Database Access
Sun's JDBC trail at the java tutorial now at Oracle.

Integrating Databases with Java via JDBC
JavaWorld introductory article.

Getting Started with the JDBC API
The material in this chapter is an updated excerpt from JDBCTM API Tutorial and Reference, Second Edition: Universal Data Access for the JavaTM 2 Platform, published by Addison Wesley, ISBN 0-201-43328-1. This document is intended as an overview of the major interfaces and classes and therefore does not cover all of the new features in the JDBCtm 3.0 API

Eliminate JDBC overhead
In this article, Ryan Daigle outlines a flexible framework that remedies the repetition of interacting with a JDBC database.

JDBC drivers in the wild
Learn how to deploy, use, and benchmark JDBC driver types 1, 2, 3, and 4.

MySQL Connector/J
A native Java driver that converts JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) calls into the network protocol used by the MySQL database.

Overpower the PreparedStatement
Save time debugging your database queries with DebuggableStatement

JDBC transaction performance tips
Collection of performance enhancing tips.