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Lua Wiki Entry
Wikipedia article about Lua

Building Lua
Here are some notes on building Lua on various platforms, including links to useful build packages.

SPE paper
This paper describes Lua, a language for extending applications.

The Implementation of Lua 5.0
This paper discusses the main novelties of the implementation of Lua 5.0: its registerbased virtual machine, the new algorithm for optimizing tables used as arrays, the implementation of closures, and the addition of coroutines.

The Evolution of Lua
Lua article.

Papers and theses
This is an incomplete list of academic publications related to Lua maintained at the official Lua site.

Introducing Lua
Introductory Lua article.

The Evolution of an Extension Language: A History of Lua
This paper describes the trajectory of Lua, from its creation as an in-house language for two specific projects, until Lua 4.0, released in November 2000. It discusses the evolution of some of its concepts and the main landmarks in its implementation

Lua Versus Python
Lua article.

Lua Versus Ruby
Lua article.

Lua: an Extensible Embedded Language
Reprint from Dr. Dobb's Journal 21 #12 (Dec 1996) 26-33.

Lua Versus Unreal Script
Lua article.

Embedding a scripting language inside your C/C++ code
Lua article with code examples.

Lua Paper
Reprint from Proceedings of XXI Brazilian Seminar on Software and Hardware.

An Introduction to Lua
This article is a short tutorial on Lua.

Extending Lua: Making your own libraries
Lua article.

Embedding Lua in C: Using Lua from inside C
Lua article.