Free Pascal Tutorials

Pascal Tutorial
A website which is particularly designed to help you learn the pascal programming language quickly and interactively

Essential Pascal
Essential Pascal is a free online introduction to the Pascal programming language presented as a book that can be downloaded in pdf format.

Learn Pascal!
This tutorial is a simple, yet complete, introduction to the Pascal programming language. It covers all of the syntax of standard Pascal, including pointers.

The Learn Pascal Page
At this page you can learn the basics of the pascal programming language.

Pascal Programming Tutorials
This site offers write-ups of how to do specific things in Pascal. You don't need to pay for a compiler: the tutorials are based on a good free one.

The GNU Pascal Manual
Includes a Programmer's Guide to GPC, describing the Pascal programming language in general and GPC specifc aspects.

Pascal Starting Page
These pages are written largely for Borland Pascal 7.01, including (on the whole) Turbo Pascal & Borland Pascal for Windows.