Free PHP Source Code

Free PHP projects with free source code. Examples include an Online Ordering System Using PHP, building a simple dynamic website and a school management system.

A directory of free PHP scripts such as forums, photo galleries, CMS, e-commerce solutions and many other open source scripts.

PHP Classes Repository is a service created in 1999 as a means of distributing freely available programming classes of objects written in the Web scripting language named PHP. The goal of this service is to build a base of programming components ready to be used in Web applications written in PHP.

Hot Scripts PHP Section
There are a wide variety of php scripts here. Some are free and some are commercial, so you will have to hunt around to find the free ones, but there are plenty of free php scripts in many different categories here.

PHP Snippets
This site has some snippets, functions and PHP classes. The code here is designed to show you common functionality in PHP and MySQL packed in easy to use code blocks, functions or classes.

PX : the PHP code exchange
There are many php scripts in this archive and as far as I can tell they are all free. There is also a neat feature that allows you to search for code that has been added or modified within a specified period of time.

PHP Scripts, Code Snippets and Code Samples, some of which are free and some require a commercial license.

Popular PHP recipes
49 scripts.

Clock PHP Source Code
Client-side clock, based on computed time differential between browser and server.