Free SOAP Resources

Cross Language Barriers with SOAP and a Java Web Service
This shows you how to achieve cross-language interoperability with Web services and SOAP. You'll see how to build a cross-language application featuring two-way communication between a Java service using a VB client, and the same Java service using a Visual C++ client.

SOAP Tutorial
SOAP tutorial at W3Schools.

SOAP: Simple Object Access Protocol
An overview of SOAP with some examples.

SOAP Platform-Independent Server Communication.

Simple Object Access Protocol A Step-By-Step Approach
Article about creating a simple SOAP service, and a client to access that service.

A Busy Developer's Guide to SOAP
This document describes a subset of SOAP 1.1 that forms a basis for easy interoperation between different environments.

SOAP 1.1 reference
SOAP and WSDL online reference.

Quick Start with SOAP. This article is intended as a quick guide to writing SOAP servers and clients.

SOAP by Example
This document provides a working example of a functional SOAP client in Python, using only HTTP and XML modules. The Google API is used as an example.

A Gentle Introduction to SOAP
This document provides an introduction to the SOAP protocol. Only a basic knowledge of what a procedure call is and some familiarity with XML is required.

Chris and Tim's VB Programming Resources
Tutorials, Links FAQs.

Client-Side SOAP
Client-Side SOAP is a multi-part tutorial with the aim of introducing you to some of the technologies available for writing clients that consume web services using SOAP.

Server-Side SOAP
Server-Side SOAP is a tutorial which deals with how to build and provide web services using Apache SOAP.