Free Swing and AWT Resources

Creating a GUI with JFC/Swing
Sun's Swing tutorial now at Oracle.

SWING Tutorial
Covers the basics of Swing classes, controls, event handling and listeners, layouts, menus and containers.

Java Swing Tutorial
This site contains brief tutorials for java swing programming along with java swing examples and source code.

Lesson: Using Swing Components
This lesson gives you the background information you need to use the Swing components, and then describes every Swing component. It assumes that you have successfully compiled and run a program that uses Swing components, and that you are familiar with basic Swing concepts.

Learning Swing with the NetBeans IDE
This lesson provides an introduction to Graphical User Interface (GUI) programming with Swing and the NetBeans IDE.

Quick Swing Tutorial for AWT users
This tutorial is aimed at getting Java programmers who already know the AWT going as quickly as possible in Swing.

Swing Book
Free swing book.

Get your GUI Swinging!
Learn how to use Swing in your applications, to add that professional touch.

Basic User Interface Programming using the AWT and the JFC
This tutorial discusses using AWT and Swing to perform platform-independent GUI programming.