Free Visual Basic Tutorials

Visual Basic Tutorials By Subject
Quite a few VB6 tutorials, covering a wide variety of topics including gui, games, file manipulation and many others.

VB - serial communications
A six part tutorial on serial comms with VB6 and VB .NET from Bitwise magazine (I only see three parts, but it may be a work in progress or maybe I am just too punchy form lack of sleep to find the others right now.)

VB - graphics
A three part tutorial on mastering the GDI with VB6 from Bitwise magazine.

VB Helper
Tutorials, Tips and Tricks, and How to's.

Gary Beene's VB Information Center VB Tutorial
Beginner, intermediate and advanced Visual Basic Tutorials.

Visual Basic 6 Tutorial
Tutorial and an example Color Changer application.

VB Tutorial
This Tutorial is for completely beginners with Visual Basic. It will teach you right from the very start, how to make your first program in Visual Basic.

Visual Basic Tutorial
In order to get started with Visual Basic programming, I presume you already have some basic knowledge in BASIC programming

Make Your First ActiveX Control
In this tutorial we will make a button control, that will pop a message box when the user will click on it.

VB Game Creation Tutorial
This tutorial is specifically aimed at fairly new VB programmers who are interested in writing a game.

Visual Basic (DLL's) and PC Interfacing
This tutorial will show you can write VB programs using a Dynamically linked library (DLL).

Professor Smiley's
website for the VB beginner.

Visual Basic Tutorials
Here is where you can find tutorials on how to do different things in Visual Basic.

VB How To