Free Visual C++ Resources

Visual Studio Express 2013 products
Develop using the latest versions of Visual C#, Visual Basic, or Visual C++.

CoderSource.net is an effort to provide articles, examples and relevant content on Win32, C, C++, and VC++/MFC.

Visual C++ Tutorial
These tutorials are designed to help anyone with no previous experience in Visual C++ to quickly get started in programming windows applications, in the minimum amount of time.

Visual C++ And MFC Library
A number of how-tos about Visual C++ and MFC.

MFC Professional
MFC / VC++ site

A Simple COM tutorial using ATL
The purpose of this tutorial is to give you an idea on how to create a COM Server using ATL, and then being able to call the server from both a Visual C++ program, and a Visual Basic program.

Active Template Library (ATL) Frequently Asked Questions
Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - Q166480

Visual C++ Debug Tutorial
How to set breakpoints, set watches, and step through an executing program line-by-line.

Visual C++ Tutorial
This tutorial is meant to be a startup tool for student unfamiliar with Microsoft Visual C++. It's purpose is to be a basic introduction to creating files and using the debugger.

Getting Started with Microsoft Visual C++
This tutorial demonstrates the basic steps required to create and execute C++ programs using Microsoft's Visual C++ software package. (PDF Document)

eMbedded Visual C++
Windows CE .NET includes eMbedded Visual C++ 4.0, a powerful development tool that offers considerable benefits to companies building native code applications for the next generation of Windows CE-based devices

Visual C++ FAQ
This is the MVP's Frequently Asked Questions Page for Microsoft Visual C++. In here you'll find answers to several common asked questions about Visual C++, MFC and Windows development in C/C++, as well as other related stuff.

ATL Client Application Tutorial
Tutorial that shows steps involved in writing a container application for an ActiveX control.

Visual C++ Programming Forum
Discussion group at codeguru.

Standard C++ Library Reference
Microsoft Standard C++ Library Reference.