Free VRML Tutorials

A Beginner's Guide to VRML
This document is intended to provide a ground level introduction to VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) for those wanting to author VRML worlds for use on the internet.

A spartan version of the tutorials (58 kb) can be downloaded for offline learning in addition to the online material.

Floppy's VRML97 Tutorial
Part 1 introduces VRML and shows you how to create simple objects. Part 2 covers more advanced objects, and how to make them more realistic, while Part 3 covers animation and interaction, showing how you can make your worlds more exciting.

VRML Audio Tutorial
This is a guide to learning how to implement sound in VRML 2.0 files. It's assumed you know a bit about VRML 2.0 and its basic features and functions.

The VRML Primers
If you know nothing about VRML, this is where you start. The primer is actually a series of tutorials, covering what VRML is, how to get a browser/plug-in, basic code structure, and finally a short introduction to the rest of the tutorials.

Getting Started
Build on what you've learned in the primers. These will help later on in advanced subjects.