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The V7 Network
This looks like an active site with boards for SEO, Marketing, Coding, Design and a wide variety of other topics for web developers.

Webmaster Corner
A place for webmasters and programmers to gather and discuss IT related topics such as search engine optimization, general business and marketing techniques, and web design and programming issues.

Web coding and development forums. Get help on JavaScript, CSS, PHP, CGI, and more.

Ozzu Webmaster Forum
My favorite webmaster forum on the web.

HTTPPoint Web Talk
HTTPPoint Web Talk is a web design, programming and development discussion forum. Please help us grow our community. To see all the forums and to post you must register for free.

Webmaster Forum
Internet Marketing and Search Engine Forums.

A webmaster forum with boards covering many topics.

Boards for just about everything related to webmaster work.

This is a new forum for webmasters from the people at WebPro that features boards for search engine topics, design topics, website reviews, etc.